Maverick Australian handmade saddle

Occasionally I have a Maverick saddle IN STOCK due to a change in an order....if so, it will be listed on the "In Stock" page

The Maverick Saddle - another style of handmade saddles from the Cliff Killeen Saddlery - is a fender style. These Australian handmade saddles are largely hand stitched allowing for very individual requirements to be catered for. The Maverick saddle is built on a Cliff Killeen handmade tree, and whilst the tree uses the same top quality materials used in trees of all Cliff Killeen handmade saddles, the lines are quite different. As a result it is stronger and lower (that is, closer to the horse) making the Maverick saddle more comfortable for both horse and rider. The Maverick saddles are sheepskin lined and "I believe are the closest fitting saddle available anywhere" Cliff Killeen.



Campdraft Pad (as per Maverick photo)Work PadHackman Pad
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The Maverick is an unconventional Australian stock saddle, handmade fender style. It offers optional mounting system and choice of kneepads. It has a Cheyanne roll and is sheepskin lined.

The Maverick is built on one of our own laminated wood, steel-lined trees. These trees have a poly-urethane gullet, lined with steel.

I only use the best quality leather available.

Because these saddles are totally handmade and largely hand stitched, we are able to satisfy your individual requirements.

The Maverick saddle, due to it's unique tree design, is extremely strong and fits close to the horse, and I confidently claim there is no stock saddle available that allows the rider closer contact to the horse.

If I have one currently in stock, it will be listed on the In Stock page.

Features Benefits
fender style leg protection - close contact
closest fitting saddle available anywhere superior comfort and security to both horse and rider
sheepskin lined easy maintenance
totally handmade and largely hand stitched to satisfy your individual requirements
hand made tree: wood, steel & poly-urethane creating an extremely strong saddle tree
choice of tree length making a better fit to rider
choice of mounting systems to suit your particular needs
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