Australian handmade saddles and the Maverick
Maverick Australian handmade saddle

Australian handmade saddles are unique, and Cliff Killeen from the Cliff Killeen Saddlery, Chinchilla in Queensland has developed this uniqueness further in his Maverick saddle: ideal in terms of Australian handmade saddles using only the best materials available.

Post 1985, after Cliff Killeen started manufacturing his own trees, he decided there was room for improvements to the Australian stock saddle.

Having had many years of experience riding horses as well as making saddles, Cliff was of the opinion that there were three major concepts in saddles that had never been combined into one saddle.

The first concept was the wartime army saddle. Although many people claimed the tree used never hurt the horses back, which was later proved to be untrue, the saddle design was very efficient and had a lot of information to give.

The second concept came from the seat in the better dressage saddles. Although not perfect in every application, there was a lot to be learned from it that could be used in other saddles.

The third concept was of course from Australian stock saddles themselves. Whilst unique in the saddle world, combining features from the stock saddle and the wartime army saddle and quality dressage saddles, Cliff created a very specific design. Many years followed with tests and changes made to this unique design until it evolved into an extremely efficient stock saddle: the Maverick.

The Maverick saddle is a combination of proven features and processes developed over generations of saddle makers all over the globe and Cliff confidently offers it as a very desirable Australian stock saddle. Maverick Australian handmade saddles are the closest fitting saddles available anywhere - the stockman will not find a better saddle for his task anywhere.

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