Shipping Information

Shipping handmade saddles from Cliff Killeen Saddlery

When ordering Cliff Killeen Saddlery handmade saddles, arrangements are made for delivery using the best method suitable for your location...
You can collect it direct from my Chinchilla property or it can be sent via Courier or Australia Post. My Australian handmade saddles can also be delived by me personally, an option which may be advantageous particularly if special requests for special conditions have been ordered.


Quality Assurance of my Handmade Saddles

Since only top grade materials are used in Cliff Killeen saddles, along with over 45 years of experience, you are assured complete satisfaction. I will ensure that all handmade saddles supplied by me will perform the task asked of them. Quality is guaranteed. I am happy to make follow-up adjustments if required as I take pride in supplying you the best. An incorrectly built or fitted saddle might not only be uncomfortable to horse and rider alike, but can be dangerous. With Australian handmade saddles from the Cliff Killeen Saddlery, you will get the product and satisfaction you seek.

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