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I take orders for custom-made saddles and continuously have a variety of saddles in stock for immediate delivery plus saddles in the build process.

I have added the Campdrafter Special to my range which is meant more for the Performance Horse than the Mustering Horse - same quality.

How it has been.............The Cliff Killeen Saddlery offers high quality Australian handmade saddles including his well respected Maverick Saddle and Campdrafter Saddle. Cliff Killeen Australian handmade saddles satisfy the high quality required from stock saddles for the tough conditions they need to work under. Individually crafted handmade saddles from the Cliff Killeen Saddlery have evolved over 52 years - Cliff Killeen sets a world-class standard. Whilst the Cliff Killeen Saddlery is based at Chinchilla, Cliff Killeen in his RV6 is readily available all over Australia.

 Campdrafter handmade saddles from Cliff Killeen Saddlery        Maverick handmade Saddles from Cliff Killeen Saddlery

With 52 years in the industry, Cliff Killeen has learned much about handmade saddles. A lot is asked of Australian handmade saddles and the saddles available from Cliff Killeen Saddlery, Chinchilla rival the best in the world. You might be on this site because you already know the quality of Cliff Killeen saddles. You are invited to view these Australian handmade saddles and any inquiry is welcome.

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Cliff Killeen: "My Maverick stock saddle is different entirely from the conventional Australian stock saddle..."

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